12 Other Ways to Say “Enjoy Your Vacation”

Other Ways to Say Enjoy Your Vacation

The phrase “Enjoy your vacation” is a warm and familiar way to wish someone a pleasant and enjoyable break from their routine. It’s often used in both personal and professional contexts to convey good wishes for a holiday or trip.

This article explores various alternative expressions that can be used instead of “Enjoy your vacation.” You can express your well-wishes for someone’s vacation in a way that is both fresh and fitting for the situation.

Other Ways to Say “Enjoy Your Vacation”

1. Have a Fantastic Trip

Example: “I hope you have a fantastic trip to Europe!”

Meaning: This phrase conveys enthusiastic and high hopes for the enjoyment and success of someone’s journey.

Usage: Appropriate for both casual and formal contexts, especially when the person is going on a long-awaited or special trip.

2. Bon Voyage

Example: Bon voyage! Make sure to send us photos.”

Meaning: A French term widely used in English, meaning “have a good trip.” It carries a classic and slightly formal tone.

Usage: Suitable for both personal and professional settings, particularly when wishing someone well before they embark on a significant journey.

3. Safe Travels

Example: Safe travels, and enjoy your time in New York.”

Meaning: This expression focuses on the safety aspect of travel, while also encompassing the general wish for an enjoyable trip.

Usage: Ideal for instances where the person’s safety during travel is a priority or concern.

4. Relax and Unwind

Example: “Take this time to relax and unwind on your cruise.”

Meaning: Emphasizes the importance of rest and relaxation during the vacation, highlighting the break from daily stress.

Usage: Perfect when speaking to someone who is taking a vacation specifically to de-stress.

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5. Adventure Awaits

Example: Adventure awaits on your African safari!”

Meaning: Implies excitement and the anticipation of new experiences and adventures.

Usage: Best suited for vacations that are likely to be adventurous or out of the ordinary.

6. Take in the Scenery

Example: Take in the scenery and enjoy the landscapes in Switzerland.”

Meaning: Encourages the person to appreciate and enjoy the natural or scenic beauty of their destination.

Usage: Ideal for vacations to picturesque or scenic locations.

7. Embark on a Journey

Example: Embark on a journey of discovery and fun in Japan!”

Meaning: Suggests a deeper level of travel, involving exploration and personal discovery.

Usage: Suitable for trips that are seen as more than just a holiday but as an enriching experience.

8. Make Memorable Moments

Example: Make memorable moments during your stay in Paris.”

Meaning: This expression emphasizes creating lasting memories and experiences.

Usage: Works well for special trips, such as honeymoons or once-in-a-lifetime vacations.

9. Savor Every Minute

Example: Savor every minute of your tropical getaway.”

Meaning: Encourages the person to fully appreciate and enjoy each moment of their vacation.

Usage: Appropriate for vacations where relaxation and enjoyment are the primary goals.

10. Experience the Wonder

Example: Experience the wonder of the Northern Lights in Iceland.”

Meaning: Highlights the awe-inspiring aspects of the vacation destination.

Usage: Great for trips that include unique or extraordinary experiences.

11. Journey into Relaxation

Example: Journey into relaxation during your spa retreat.”

Meaning: Combines the concepts of travel and relaxation, emphasizing a peaceful and rejuvenating experience.

Usage: Suitable for vacations focused on relaxation and wellness.

12. Discover New Horizons

Example: Discover new horizons on your backpacking trip through South America.”

Meaning: Encourages exploring and experiencing new things, implying growth and learning.

Usage: Ideal for trips that are about exploration, learning, and experiencing different cultures.

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More Examples

  1. May your journey be filled with unforgettable adventures!
  2. Relish every moment of your relaxing getaway!
  3. Embark on a journey of discovery and enjoyment!
  4. Find peace and joy in your leisure time!
  5. Wishing you sunshine and serene moments!
  6. Explore new horizons and make memorable moments!
  7. Indulge in the beauty and wonder of your destination!
  8. Immerse yourself in the joy of travel and exploration!
  9. Savor the pleasures of unplanned adventures!
  10. Bask in the freedom and excitement of your travels!
  11. Let each day of your trip be a celebration of life!
  12. Discover the magic in every moment of your holiday!


In conclusion, there are many creative and thoughtful ways to express “Enjoy your vacation” beyond the standard phrase. Some of these alternatives include “Have a great time away,” “Make the most of your vacation,” “I hope you have a good vacation,” and “Have a blast on your vacation.”

For more ideas and specific examples of how to wish someone a wonderful vacation, you can refer to resources like HowToSayGuide.com’s guide on alternative phrases to express “Enjoy Your Vacation” here.


  1. Can these vacation well-wishes be used in both formal and informal settings?
    Yes, these vacation well-wishes can be adapted to both formal and informal settings, depending on your relationship with the recipient and the tone of your message. Expressions like “Have a blast” and “Relax and unwind” can be used casually, while phrases like “Enjoy your well-deserved break” and “Make memories to cherish” are suitable for more formal occasions.
  2. Are these synonyms suitable for written and spoken communication?
    These synonyms for “enjoy your vacation” can be used effectively in both written and spoken communication. Whether you’re sending a heartfelt message in a card or expressing your well-wishes in person or over the phone, these expressions can add warmth and creativity to your communication.
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