18 Creative Ways to Say “Save the Date”

Creative Ways to Say Save the Date

Have you ever found yourself in the exciting position of planning a special event and wanting to let your guests know when it’s happening?

While the phrase “save the date” serves its purpose perfectly, why not add a touch of creativity to your event invitations?

Whether it’s a wedding, birthday bash, graduation party, or any other celebration, expressing your excitement in a unique way can make your event even more memorable.

In this article, we’ll explore creative alternatives to the traditional “save the date” message that will have your guests eagerly marking their calendars.

Creative Ways to Say “Save the Date”

1. Mark Your Calendars

Meaning: A straightforward way to inform your guests to save the date by marking it on their calendars.

Usage: Use “Mark Your Calendars” for any event where you want to emphasize the importance of the date.

2. Reserve the Date

Meaning: Politely request that your guests reserve the date for your special occasion.

Usage: “Reserve the Date” works well for formal events like weddings or corporate functions.

3. Don’t Miss This!

Meaning: Convey the excitement and anticipation of your event, making sure your guests know it’s not to be missed.

Usage: Perfect for any event where you want to create a sense of anticipation and enthusiasm.

4. Set Your Sights on [Date]

Meaning: Encourage your guests to focus their attention on the specific date you’ve chosen for your event.

Usage: Use this phrase to emphasize the significance of the date in question.

5. Circle [Date] on Your Calendar

Meaning: Instruct your guests to take a proactive approach by circling the date on their calendars.

Usage: Ideal for events where you want to engage your guests and encourage them to take action.

6. Put a Pin on [Date]

Meaning: Suggest that your guests use a pin or marker to highlight the date on their calendars.

Usage: Adds a fun and interactive element to your “save the date” message.

7. Lock in [Date]

Meaning: Imply that the date is set in stone and your guests should secure it in their schedules.

Usage: Works well for events with fixed dates and times, such as conferences or workshops.

8. [Date]: The Big Day!

Meaning: Get straight to the point by announcing the date as “The Big Day.”

Usage: Suitable for weddings, milestone birthdays, or any event where the date is the star.

9. [Date]: Save It!

Meaning: A direct and playful way to tell your guests to save the date.

Usage: Use this phrase when you want to add a touch of informality and excitement.

10. It’s Happening on [Date]!

Meaning: Excite your guests by revealing that something special will occur on the specified date.

Usage: Great for events that are highly anticipated or have a surprise element.

11. Mark [Date] for Fun and Festivities

Meaning: Encourage your guests to mark the date with the promise of fun and festivities.

Usage: Ideal for celebrations like birthdays, anniversaries, or holiday parties.

12. [Date]: Get Ready to Celebrate!

Meaning: Create an atmosphere of celebration and anticipation for your upcoming event.

Usage: Suitable for any event where you want to convey a sense of joy and festivity.

13. [Date]: Be There or Be Square

Meaning: Playfully invite your guests to attend your event, implying that missing out would be a regrettable choice.

Usage: Adds a touch of humor and charm to your “save the date” message.

14. Keep Calm and Save the Date: [Date]

Meaning: Put a twist on the popular “Keep Calm” phrase to encourage your guests to save the date.

Usage: Perfect for events with a relaxed and easygoing vibe.

15. Save the Date in Style: [Date]

Meaning: Emphasize that your event is all about style and elegance, encouraging your guests to mark their calendars accordingly.

Usage: Ideal for upscale and formal events.

16. [Date] – Block Your Schedule

Meaning: Suggest that your guests block out the date in their schedules to ensure they can attend.

Usage: Works well for events that require significant time commitment, such as destination weddings.

17. Don’t Make Plans: [Date]

Meaning: Playfully hint to your guests that they shouldn’t make any other plans for the specified date.

Usage: Adds a sense of mystery and intrigue to your “save the date” message.

18. [Date]: Save, Share, and Celebrate

Meaning: Encourage your guests not only to save the date but also to share the excitement with others.

Usage: Suitable for events where word-of-mouth and social sharing are important.

18 Creative Ways to Say Save the Date Infographic

When to Use Different Expressions

In formal settings, expressions like “Mark Your Calendars” and “Reserve the Date” work well for events such as weddings, corporate gatherings, or conferences, aligning with the seriousness and etiquette of these occasions.

For less rigid formal events, phrases like “[Date]: Save It!” or “[Date]: Get Ready to Celebrate!” add a touch of excitement.

Casual settings, on the other hand, benefit from more informal and playful expressions like “Don’t Miss This!” and “[Date]: Be There or Be Square,” which engage guests and create an atmosphere of informality and fun.


Whether you’re planning a formal, casual, or destination wedding, there are numerous ways to express “Save the Date” that align with the style and theme of your celebration.

For more detailed examples and inspiration on save-the-date wording, visit the article Save-the-Date Wording Ideas, From Formal to Pop Culture Quotes on The Knot.

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