12 Other Ways to Say “Can’t Wait”

Other Ways to Say Can't Wait

Have you ever felt a sense of eagerness and excitement about an upcoming event or experience, so much so that you just “can’t wait” for it to happen?

Whether it’s a friend’s wedding, a long-awaited vacation, or even a new movie release, we often find ourselves searching for the right words to express this anticipation.

But constantly repeating “I can’t wait!” can sometimes lose its charm. That’s where diversifying your vocabulary comes in, offering fresh and creative ways to convey that same level of excitement.

Other Ways to Say “Can’t Wait”

Instead of defaulting to “can’t wait,” you can choose from a variety of phrases that might better suit the context or your relationship with the person you’re speaking to.

Expressions of Anticipation

Our words can paint a picture of our excitement and eagerness. Here are some alternative ways to say “can’t wait” in English, each carrying its unique flair:

1. Eagerly Anticipating

Example: “I’m eagerly anticipating our reunion!”

Meaning: This phrase suggests a sophisticated and composed form of excitement, perfect for more formal or heartfelt occasions.

Usage: Use this expression when looking forward to a significant event or reunion with someone special.

2. Counting Down the Days

Example: “Only three more days to go – I’m counting down the days!”

Meaning: This phrase implies an active measure of time until the event, showcasing both excitement and patience.

Usage: It’s suitable for situations where there’s a specific timeframe, such as a vacation or a wedding.

3. Looking Forward to It

Example: “I’m really looking forward to our road trip.”

Meaning: A classic and versatile alternative that conveys anticipation with a positive and upbeat tone.

Usage: Use this expression in various contexts, whether it’s a casual conversation or a formal invitation.

4. Can Hardly Wait

Example: “I can hardly wait for the concert next week!”

Meaning: This phrase emphasizes a stronger level of excitement, similar to “can’t wait,” but with a slight variation in tone.

Usage: Use it when you want to convey intense anticipation for an event you’re enthusiastic about.

5. On Pins and Needles

Example: “I’m on pins and needles waiting for the exam results.”

Meaning: Often used in situations of both excitement and anxiety, this phrase captures a heightened sense of anticipation.

Usage: It’s suitable for moments when you’re eagerly waiting for an outcome, such as exam results or news.

6. Delighted

Example: “I’m delighted about the trip.”

Meaning: This word conveys a strong sense of pleasure and excitement.

Usage: Use it when you’re genuinely excited about something upcoming.

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Positive Affirmations of Anticipation

Sometimes, a simple “can’t wait” doesn’t fully capture the depth of our enthusiasm.

Here are a few affirmations that not only express anticipation but also convey positive vibes:

7. So Excited

Example: “I’m so excited about your book launch!”

Meaning: A straightforward yet vibrant expression of eagerness and joy.

Usage: Use this phrase when expressing excitement for someone’s achievement or event.

8. Thrilled to Bits

Example: “I’m thrilled to bits about the upcoming holiday season!”

Meaning: This phrase adds a touch of whimsy and intense joy to your anticipation.

Usage: It’s perfect for expressing delight and eagerness for festive occasions or special moments.

9. Can’t Hold My Excitement

Example: “I can’t hold my excitement about starting the new job!”

Meaning: This phrase conveys an overflowing, unrestrained sense of eagerness.

Usage: Use it when you’re bursting with enthusiasm for a new opportunity or experience.

10. Barely Contain My Excitement

Example: “I can barely contain my excitement for the new movie release!”

Meaning: Similar to “can’t hold my excitement,” this phrase suggests a level of enthusiasm that’s almost overwhelming.

Usage: Employ it when you’re extremely eager and can hardly contain your anticipation.

11. Thrilled

Example: “I’m thrilled about the party!”

Meaning: It means you’re very excited and enthusiastic about something.

Usage: Use it when you’re genuinely excited about an upcoming occasion.

12. So Happy About

Example: “I’m so happy about the party!”

Meaning: This phrase expresses your joy and anticipation for a particular event.

Usage: Use it to convey your happiness and excitement.

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When to Use Different “Can’t Wait” Alternatives

Choosing the right expression to convey your anticipation depends on the context and the level of excitement you want to express.

Here’s a guide on when to use different expressions of anticipation:

Casual Conversations

In casual conversations with friends and family, feel free to use relaxed and straightforward expressions like “Can’t wait!” or “So excited!” These expressions add positivity and enthusiasm to your anticipation and are perfect for informal settings where you want to share your excitement openly.

Specific Timeframes

When there’s a specific timeframe involved, such as counting down to an event, use expressions like “Counting down the days!” or “Only three more days to go!” These phrases convey not only excitement but also patience, making them suitable for situations where you’re eagerly awaiting an upcoming occasion with a set date.

Intense Anticipation

If you want to emphasize a strong level of excitement and anticipation, phrases like “Can hardly wait!” or “On pins and needles!” are excellent choices. These expressions convey a heightened sense of anticipation, making them suitable for moments when you’re eagerly waiting for a specific outcome or news.

Formal and Heartfelt Occasions

For more formal or heartfelt occasions, consider using expressions like “Eagerly anticipating.” This phrase suggests a composed form of excitement and is ideal for situations where you want to convey your anticipation with sophistication and depth of feeling, such as reuniting with someone special.


By discovering various expressions of anticipation, you can infuse your conversations with enthusiasm and eagerness.

Whether you’re eagerly awaiting an upcoming event, sharing your excitement with friends and family, or expressing anticipation for a specific occasion, the richness of language allows you to convey your feelings in unique ways.

For those interested in broadening their linguistic knowledge, language learning platforms like Duolingo provide an enjoyable avenue to explore new languages and expressions.

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