10 Other Ways to Say “Coming Soon”

Other Ways to Say Coming Soon

In the vast world of the English language, there are countless ways to convey a message. One such phrase that often finds a place in our conversations, especially in the business and entertainment sector, is “coming soon”.

But have you ever wondered about other ways to say “coming soon”?

Just as there are many ways to wish someone luck, there are also different expressions that indicate that something is on the horizon.

In this article, we’ll look at alternative ways to say “coming soon” that can add style and variety to your messages.

Other Ways to Say “Coming Soon”

Language is a beautiful tool that allows us to express ourselves in countless ways. By expanding our vocabulary, we can convey messages with greater precision and creativity. Instead of sticking to the “come soon” standard, why not explore some alternatives?

Anticipation Builders

1. On the Horizon

Example: Our new product line is on the horizon! Stay tuned.

Meaning: This phrase paints a vivid picture of something just out of sight, like a ship appearing on the far horizon. It suggests that even though the event or product is not yet visible, it is approaching and will be here soon.

Usage: Suitable for product launches, events, or any upcoming endeavors.

2. In the Pipeline

Example: We have some exciting projects in the pipeline.

Meaning: Based on the image of a pipeline, this phrase suggests that there are processes or stages that a project goes through and is about to be completed. It ensures that the work continues, even if it is not immediately visible.

Usage: Often used in business settings to indicate upcoming projects or products.

3. Stay Tuned

Example: Stay tuned for our next big announcement!

Meaning: Originally a broadcasting term, it required listeners to stay on the same channel. In a larger context, it creates a sense of anticipation that suggests something remarkable is about to happen.

Usage: Commonly used in broadcasting or events to introduce the next segment.

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4. Around the Corner

Example: Summer sales are just around the corner!

Meaning: This phrase evokes the idea of closeness and immediacy. Just as one can turn a corner and find a surprise, the event or product is almost upon us and will be revealed soon.

Usage: Suitable for events, sales, or any imminent happenings.

5. Fast Approaching

Example: Our anniversary sale is fast approaching! Don’t miss out.

Meaning: This phrase conveys a sense of urgency and immediacy. It’s as if something is moving quickly toward us, emphasizing that the event or product will be available in a short span of time. It’s a call to action, urging the audience to be ready.

Usage: Suitable for time-sensitive events or sales where there’s a limited window of opportunity.

Engaging Teasers

6. Up Next

Example: Up next: A feature you won’t want to miss!

Meaning: This phrase creates a consistent expectation. It’s like telling your audience that the next item on the agenda or to-do list is about to start, ensuring they stay engaged and curious.

Usage: Often used in broadcasting or events to introduce the next segment.

7. Watch This Space

Example: Big news is coming. Watch this space!

Meaning: A direct request from the audience to keep their attention on a particular area or platform. It promises to reveal something significant in this particular space soon.

Usage: Suitable for announcements on websites, social media, or physical spaces.

8. Mark Your Calendars

Example: Mark your calendars for our annual gala event!

Meaning: A direct call to action urging the audience to mark a specific date. It emphasizes the importance of the event and ensures that the audience will remember it.

Usage: Ideal for events or launches where the date is crucial.

9. Something’s Brewing

Example: Something’s brewing at our headquarters. Can you guess what it is?

Meaning: Invoking the image of a potion or brew being prepared, this phrase suggests that plans are underway and something exciting is brewing behind the scenes.

Usage: Suitable for product launches or when hinting at something without giving away too much.

10. Heads Up

Example: Heads up, everyone! A new software update will be rolling out next week.

Meaning: Derived from the idea of alerting someone to look up or pay attention, this phrase serves as a casual announcement or warning. It’s a friendly way to draw attention to upcoming news or changes, ensuring the audience is informed and prepared.

Usage: Often used in informal settings, like team meetings or social media updates, to give a brief alert about something on the horizon.

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When to use different “Coming soon” alternatives

The choice of phrase depends largely on the context, the audience, and the intended emotional impact:

Business Messages:

In a professional setting, it is essential to convey a sense of planning, foresight, and seriousness. Phrases like “in the pipeline” or “on the horizon” are appropriate because they suggest a structured approach and a clear vision. If you’re hinting at a new product launch or a significant change in services, “something’s in the works” can spark interest without revealing too much.

Entertainment and Media:

The world of entertainment thrives on excitement and curiosity. This is all about building anticipation. “Stay tuned” is a classic that promises more content, while “Watch this space” can be used for upcoming releases or announcements. If you’re teasing a sequel or a new season of a show, “Up Next can keep audiences eagerly waiting.

Sales and Marketing:

In this area, creating a sense of urgency can drive action. “Fast Approaching” emphasizes the limited time frame of a sale or offer, urging customers to act quickly. “Mark your calendars” not only informs about an upcoming sale or event but also emphasizes its importance, ensuring that it remains memorable for potential customers.

Technical and software updates:

In the ever-evolving technology world, updates and new features are frequent. “Heads up” serves as an occasional but important warning to users about upcoming changes or support interruptions. It is straightforward and ensures that users are prepared for any disruptions or changes.

Cultural or seasonal events:

When announcing events related to cultural or seasonal holidays, phrases that generate excitement and community involvement are key. “Around the Corner” lends itself to events like holiday sales or festivals, suggesting they’re almost upon us.

Creative Projects:

For artists, writers, or creatives who tease their upcoming work, it’s about building intrigue. “Something’s brewing” could hint at a new project without revealing details, allowing for speculation and hype.

Educational and academic settings:

When introducing new courses, workshops, or academic sessions, clarity is critical. “On the horizon” can indicate that a new training opportunity is coming up, while “stay tuned” can be used for upcoming webinars or online sessions.


By exploring other ways to say “coming soon,” you can engage your audience in fresh and exciting ways. Whether you’re announcing a new product or event, or just teasing something exciting, the right choice of words can make all the difference.

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