12 Other Ways to Say “I Am Excited”

Other Ways to Say I Am Excited

“I’m excited” is one of the ways people talk when they’re excited about things coming down the pike. But language has a bazillion flavors to convey feelings, all with different moods and vibes. In this article, we’ll lay out some choices beyond the usual “I’m excited” line.

We get excited about events and adventures, so saying I’m excited is our choice. Still, we want to share more ways to express your eager beaver enthusiasm, and the English language has a spicy set of phrases for when your heart is pounding in anticipation of hellish times.

Other Ways to Say “I Am Excited”

1. Thrilled

Example: “I’m thrilled about the upcoming concert!”

Meaning: Conveys an intense level of excitement and pleasure. It often indicates a response to something highly anticipated or a pleasant surprise. It’s more than just being happy; it’s being exuberantly joyful about an upcoming event or news.

Usage: Suitable for expressing strong enthusiasm about an event or news.

2. Eagerly Anticipating

Example: “I’m eagerly anticipating our reunion.”

Meaning: Shows an active and enthusiastic looking forward to something. It’s not just waiting for something to happen; it’s doing so with an eager and positive mindset, often implying a positive expectation.

Usage: Ideal for formal and informal settings where you await something with great enthusiasm.

3. Can’t Wait

Example: “I can’t wait to see the new movie!”

Meaning: Expresses impatience and strong desire for a future event.

Usage: Common in casual conversations for expressing immediate excitement.

4. Over the Moon

Example: “I’m over the moon about the job offer!”

Meaning: Expresses an intense desire for a future event to occur, usually something eagerly looked forward to. This phrase conveys an impatience that is positive and filled with excitement.

Usage: Perfect for situations where you want to express joy and high levels of excitement.

5. Pumped Up

Example: “I’m pumped up for the marathon this weekend.”

Meaning: Suggests being charged with excitement and enthusiasm, often in anticipation of an event that involves action or competition. It conveys an adrenaline-driven readiness and eagerness.

Usage: Common in informal contexts, especially when referring to sports or physical activities.

6. Buzzing

Example: “I’m buzzing after hearing the news!”

Meaning: Indicates a high-energy form of excitement. It’s a lively, vibrating form of enthusiasm, akin to the buzzing of bees. It’s often used to describe excitement that is infectious and palpable.

Usage: Suitable for casual interactions, often used when excitement is coupled with a sense of energy.

7. On Pins and Needles

Example: “I’m on pins and needles waiting for the exam results.”

Meaning: Describes a state of anxious anticipation. It’s a mix of excitement and nervousness, often when awaiting an important outcome or decision. This expression conveys a heightened state of emotional suspense.

Usage: Ideal for scenarios where excitement is mixed with anxiety or nervous anticipation.

8. Elated

Example: “I’m elated about the upcoming holiday.”

Meaning: Expresses an exalted level of happiness and exhilaration, often resulting from a significant achievement or good news. It’s more profound and intense than just being happy or pleased.

Usage: Appropriate in both formal and informal contexts to express extreme happiness.

9. Giddy with Excitement

Example: “I’m giddy with excitement about the theme park visit.”

Meaning: Portrays a playful, almost childlike level of excitement. It’s an exuberance that might include a lack of seriousness, often characterized by laughter, spontaneity, and high spirits.

Usage: Best used in informal settings to express a lighthearted form of excitement.

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10. Looking Forward To

Example: “I’m looking forward to our next adventure.”

Meaning: Indicates positive anticipation and expectation for a future event. It’s a calm and composed way of expressing excitement, often used in both casual and formal conversations.

Usage: Versatile in both formal and informal situations, indicating positive anticipation.

11. Charged Up

Example: “I’m charged up for the challenge ahead.”

Meaning: Suggests being filled with energy and enthusiasm, ready to take on a challenge or engage in an activity. It’s often used in contexts where motivation and a proactive attitude are key.

Usage: Ideal for expressing readiness and enthusiasm, especially in competitive or challenging situations.

12. In High Spirits

Example: “I’m in high spirits about the new project.”

Meaning: Conveys being in a particularly cheerful and optimistic mood. It’s a general sense of happiness and positivity, often infectious and uplifting to others.

Usage: Suitable for both professional and personal contexts, indicating a positive and upbeat mood.

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When to Use Different Expressions for “I Am Excited”

For Strong Enthusiasm: Use “Thrilled,” “Over the Moon,” or “Elated” to express intense excitement or delight.

In Anticipation: “Eagerly Anticipating,” “Can’t Wait,” and “Looking Forward To” are perfect for expressing forward-looking enthusiasm.

For Energetic Excitement: “Pumped Up,” “Buzzing,” and “Charged Up” suit situations where there’s a high level of energy or activity involved.

For Mixed Feelings: Opt for “On Pins and Needles” or “Giddy with Excitement” when the excitement is coupled with nervousness or playfulness.

General Use: “In High Spirits” is a versatile expression suitable for any situation where you want to convey a positive and excited mood.


For those who want to delve deeper into the dynamics of excitement and other emotions, resources such as articles in Psychology Today offer insightful perspectives on how different activities and changes in our environment can stimulate excitement.

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