13 Other Ways to Say “I’m Passionate About”

Other Ways to Say I'm Passionate About

Showing excitement or strong commitment, to a topic, task or purpose can be expressed in manners.

Saying “I’m passionate about” is a way to showcase one’s enthusiasm or dedication commonly seen in different environments, like work settings, introductions, and artistic statements.

Yet language offers an array of ways to communicate feelings reflecting the richness and variety of human expression.

Other Ways to Say “I’m Passionate About”

Let’s explore some alternative phrases that can breathe new life into how we express our passions.

Enthusiasm Amplifiers

1. “I’m totally into”

Example: I’m totally into urban gardening and sustainability.”

Meaning: This casual expression communicates a strong interest and enthusiasm for a subject in an accessible and relatable manner. It suggests a significant level of personal enjoyment and dedication.

Usage: Perfect for informal discussions, social media, or personal blogs where you want to express your interests in a light-hearted and engaging way.

2. “I get really excited about”

Example: I get really excited about innovative technology and its potential to change the world.”

Meaning: This phrase conveys a lively and genuine enthusiasm for a topic that sparks a noticeable emotional response. It indicates that the subject matter deeply interests and motivates the speaker.

Usage: Suitable for conversations, presentations, or interviews where you want to share your passion in an approachable and authentic manner.

3. “I’m crazy about”

Example: I’m crazy about creating art that makes people think and feel.”

Meaning: Expressing that you’re “crazy about” something signifies a profound love or passion, emphasizing how much enjoyment or fulfillment you derive from this interest.

Usage: Great for casual conversations, artistic discussions, or personal statements where you want to highlight your enthusiasm in a vibrant and emphatic way.

4. “I’m all about”

Example: I’m all about promoting mental health awareness and support in our community.”

Meaning: This phrase indicates a deep focus on or commitment to a particular interest, suggesting that it significantly influences your actions or thoughts.

Usage: Effective in both casual and semi-formal settings, especially when you want to convey a strong personal alignment with your passions or values.

5. “That’s my jam”

Example: That’s my jam, finding ways to make learning fun for everyone.”

Meaning: Saying something is “your jam” highlights that it perfectly aligns with your interests, skills, or preferences, suggesting personal enjoyment and a deep connection to the activity or subject.

Usage: Ideal for light-hearted discussions, social media posts, or whenever you want to share what you love doing in a fun and enthusiastic manner.

6. “I’m fervently dedicated to”

Example:I’m fervently dedicated to environmental conservation.”

Meaning: This expression showcases an intensity and depth of commitment that goes beyond mere interest. It implies a dedication that is passionate and unwavering, often associated with personal values or deeply held beliefs.

Usage: Ideal for professional settings or personal statements where one wants to highlight their commitment levels.

7. “I’m wholeheartedly engaged in”

Example: I’m wholeheartedly engaged in community service.”

Meaning: To be wholeheartedly engaged in something means more than just participating; it signifies a full emotional and intellectual investment. It suggests that the person is fully present in their endeavors, with every action and thought aligned with their passion.

Usage: Suitable for describing involvement in activities or causes that are close to one’s heart.

community service

Devotion Descriptors

8. “I’m deeply committed to”

Example: I’m deeply committed to advancing renewable energy solutions.”

Meaning: Here, depth signifies a profound level of engagement and a long-term dedication. This commitment is not superficial or fleeting; it’s rooted in a deep understanding of and connection to the cause or activity. It often implies a willingness to make sacrifices or to prioritize this passion above lesser interests.

Usage: Appropriate for both professional contexts and personal missions where the aim is to showcase sincerity and dedication.

9. “I have a burning passion for”

Example: I have a burning passion for creating music that inspires.”

Meaning: This type of passion is often visible to others through the energy and fervor with which someone speaks about or engages with their interest. It’s a fire that fuels creativity, innovation, and persistence.

Usage: Perfect for artistic or creative endeavors where emotion and intensity are key.

Inspirational Involvements

10. “I find deep inspiration in”

Example: I find deep inspiration in mentoring young entrepreneurs.”

Meaning: Finding deep inspiration in something goes beyond mere interest; it involves a connection that touches the soul and sparks creativity. This inspiration often leads to a ripple effect, where the inspired individual not only pursues their passion with great zeal but also inspires others to explore their own interests or reconsider their perspectives.

Usage: Ideal for situations where the passion also serves as a source of inspiration to others or oneself.

11. “I’m relentlessly pursuing”

Example: I’m relentlessly pursuing innovations in sustainable agriculture.”

Meaning: Relentless pursuit indicates a dynamic and persistent chase after goals or dreams related to one’s passion. It suggests a proactive and determined mindset, where setbacks are seen as opportunities for growth rather than reasons for despair.

Usage: Best used in contexts where one wants to emphasize determination and persistence in their passions.

12. “My zeal for”

Example: My zeal for digital art creation is ever-growing.”

Meaning: Zeal combines energy with enthusiasm in a powerful mix that propels individuals forward in their pursuits. A person with zeal for something is not just interested or involved; they are proactive, energetic, and deeply engaged.

Usage: Suitable for expressing a dynamic and energetic engagement with one’s interests.

13. “I’m unwaveringly enthusiastic about”

Example: I’m unwaveringly enthusiastic about exploring space technologies.”

Meaning: Unwavering enthusiasm reflects a steady and consistent passion that does not diminish in the face of challenges. It’s characterized by a positive outlook and a persistent energy that sustains one’s focus and efforts over time.

Usage: Effective in both professional and academic settings to highlight a stable and ongoing interest.

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When To Use Different “I’m Passionate About” Alternatives

When deciding which expression to use to convey your passion or enthusiasm, consider the context, your relationship with your audience, and the nature of the topic.

Casual Settings with Friends and Family

For conversations with close friends and family where the atmosphere is relaxed and informal, opt for expressions that are light-hearted and genuine. Phrases like “I’m totally into”, “I get really excited about”, “I’m crazy about”, and “That’s my jam” are perfect for sharing your interests in a way that is both engaging and relatable.

Professional Environment

In more formal or professional settings, where a balance between enthusiasm and professionalism is key, expressions such as “I’m fervently dedicated to”, “I’m deeply committed to”, and “I’m wholeheartedly engaged in” offer a way to communicate your passion with seriousness and depth. These phrases show a strong dedication in a manner that is respectful and appropriate for the workplace.

Expressing Personal Missions or Causes

When talking about causes or missions you are passionate about, especially in contexts that call for a demonstration of your commitment or the depth of your feelings, phrases like “I have a burning passion for”, “I find deep inspiration in”, and “I’m relentlessly pursuing” effectively convey the strength of your dedication and the personal importance of the cause.

Creative and Artistic Expressions

For artists, musicians, writers, or anyone involved in creative fields discussing their work or creative passions, expressions such as “I’m crazy about”, “That’s my jam”, and “My zeal for” are perfect. They convey enthusiasm in a spirited and individualistic way, reflecting the personal connection and joy derived from creative pursuits.


When chatting informally having talks or supporting issues using the perfect words can help your message connect better with the people you’re talking to.

If you want to improve how you communicate or learn words checking out websites, like Merriam-Webster can be super helpful. They offer meanings, similar words, and examples that can assist you in expressing your interests precisely.

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