16 Other Ways to Say “It Was Nice Talking to You”

Other Ways to Say It Was Nice Talking to You

The phrase “it was nice talking to you” is a gracious and courteous expression often used to conclude conversations, both in personal and professional settings. It serves to acknowledge the pleasure or value of the interaction and indicates a positive engagement with the other person.

In this article, we explore a variety of alternative expressions that capture the essence of this phrase.

These alternatives can enrich your vocabulary and offer new ways to express appreciation for a conversation.

Other Ways to Say “It Was Nice Talking to You”

1. Enjoyed Our Conversation

Example: “I really enjoyed our conversation today; your insights were enlightening.”

Meaning: This expression directly states enjoyment of the conversation, adding a personal touch to the sentiment.

Usage: Suitable for both casual and professional interactions.

2. Pleasure Chatting with You

Example: “It was a pleasure chatting with you; I always learn so much from our discussions.”

Meaning: Implies that the conversation was not just nice, but also a pleasure, adding a sense of enjoyment and fulfillment.

Usage: Ideal for friendly and informal conversations.

3. Great Talking to You

Example: “It was great talking to you, let’s catch up again soon.”

Meaning: A more enthusiastic version of “nice talking to you,” indicating that the conversation was particularly enjoyable or beneficial.

Usage: Perfect for informal settings and close acquaintances.

4. Glad We Had This Talk

Example: “I’m glad we had this talk; it helped clarify many things for me.”

Meaning: Expresses gratitude for the conversation, suggesting that it was helpful or clarifying in some way.

Usage: Appropriate for conversations that are more serious or substantive.

5. Appreciated Our Discussion

Example: “I appreciated our discussion; your perspective was very insightful.”

Meaning: Indicates a deep appreciation for the conversation, highlighting the value of the other person’s input.

Usage: Suitable for professional and thoughtful exchanges.

6. That Was a Good Chat

Example: That was a good chat; I hadn’t considered that viewpoint before.”

Meaning: A casual way of saying the conversation was not just enjoyable, but also beneficial or thought-provoking.

Usage: Ideal for informal and friendly discussions.

7. Valued Our Time Talking

Example: “I really valued our time talking; it’s always refreshing to hear your thoughts.”

Meaning: Indicates that the speaker places high value on the time spent talking, implying respect and appreciation for the other person’s opinions.

Usage: Good for both personal and professional contexts.

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8. Wonderful Conversation

Example: “We had a wonderful conversation; I’m looking forward to our next meeting.”

Meaning: A more expressive way to say the conversation was enjoyable, adding a sense of delight or pleasure.

Usage: Suitable for positive and engaging interactions in any setting.

9. So Nice to Talk with You

Example: “It was so nice to talk with you; your stories are always fascinating.”

Meaning: A heartfelt expression that emphasizes the niceness of the conversation, often implying a deeper appreciation.

Usage: Ideal for heartfelt and genuine exchanges.

10. Loved Our Chat

Example: “I loved our chat today; it’s always a joy catching up with you.”

Meaning: A more intimate and enthusiastic expression, indicating a strong enjoyment of the conversation.

Usage: Best used in close and familiar relationships.

11. Fruitful Discussion

Example: Our discussion was quite fruitful; I gained a lot of insights.”

Meaning: Implies that the conversation was productive and yielded valuable results or insights.

Usage: Particularly apt for professional, academic, or substantive discussions.

12. Memorable Conversation

Example: “That was a memorable conversation; I’m still thinking about the ideas we discussed.”

Meaning: Indicates that the conversation was not just pleasant but also impactful or thought-provoking, leaving a lasting impression.

Usage: Suitable for deep, meaningful, or particularly engaging discussions.

13. Thankful for Our Conversation

Example: “I’m really thankful for our conversation today; it opened up new perspectives for me.”

Meaning: This expression conveys a sense of gratitude for the conversation, indicating that it was not just pleasant but also meaningful or enlightening.

Usage: Ideal for conversations that have had a significant impact or provided valuable insights.

14. Inspired by Our Chat

Example: I left our chat feeling inspired; your ideas are always so stimulating.”

Meaning: Suggests that the conversation was more than enjoyable – it was motivating or thought-provoking.

Usage: Best used when the conversation had a creative or motivational impact.

15. Enriched by Our Dialogue

Example: “I feel enriched by our dialogue; your viewpoints are always so enlightening.”

Meaning: Implies that the conversation added value or depth to one’s understanding or knowledge.

Usage: Suitable for discussions that are intellectually stimulating or culturally enriching.

16. Always a Joy to Talk with You

Example: It’s always a joy to talk with you; I look forward to our conversations.”

Meaning: A warm and heartfelt expression indicating that conversations with the person are consistently enjoyable and anticipated.

Usage: Ideal for expressing fondness and consistent appreciation in ongoing relationships, whether personal or professional.

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When to Use Different Alternatives

Choosing the right alternative to “it was nice talking to you” largely depends on the context, your relationship with the other person, and the nature of the conversation. Here are some guidelines:

  • Professional or Business Settings: Opt for “Enjoyed Our Conversation,” “Appreciated Our Discussion,” or “Fruitful Discussion” for a respectful and appreciative tone.
  • Casual or Informal Interactions: “Great Talking to You,” “That Was a Good Chat,” or “Pleasure Chatting with You” are ideal for lighter, more informal conversations.
  • Close Personal Relationships: “Loved Our Chat,” “Wonderful Conversation,” or “So Nice to Talk with You” convey warmth and personal connection, perfect for friends and family.
  • Substantive or Serious Discussions: “Glad We Had This Talk,” “Valued Our Time Talking,” or “Memorable Conversation” suit conversations that are more in-depth or significant.


Whether you’re ending a business call, a casual chat, or a meaningful discussion, these alternatives to “It was nice talking to you” provide flexibility and can help you articulate your feelings more effectively.

Each alternative provides a unique shade of meaning, from the heartfelt “so nice to talk with you” to the enthusiastic “loved our chat.”

For more detailed information and examples of how to use these phrases, you can visit the article 10 Other Ways to Say “It was a pleasure speaking with you” on Linguaholic.

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