12 Other Ways to Say “Let’s Do This”

Other Ways to Say Let's Do This

The expression “let’s do this” captures the essence of motivation, determination, and the drive to get things started. “Let’s do this” is a rallying cry, a call to action, and a statement of intent all rolled into one. It’s the phrase you use when you’re about to embark on a new adventure, tackle a challenging task, or simply motivate a team to achieve a common goal.

But just as the English language is rich and varied, there are many other ways to convey this feeling. Let’s explore them.

Other Ways to Say “Let’s Do This”

1. Let’s Get Started

Example: “We’ve planned enough, let’s get started on the project.”

Meaning: This phrase emphasizes the transition from planning or contemplation to actual execution. It suggests that the preliminary stages are complete, and it’s time to put plans into action.

Usage: Ideal for situations where there’s a need to initiate action immediately.

2. Here We Go

Example: “Ready everyone? Here we go!”

Meaning: This expression conveys a sense of adventure and excitement. It’s akin to standing on the edge of a new experience, ready to jump in with both feet.

Usage: Often used informally to mark the start of something thrilling.

3. Onward and Upward

Example: “We’ve faced our challenges, onward and upward!”

Meaning: This phrase signifies progress and forward momentum. It’s about looking ahead, focusing on the future, and moving towards bigger and better things, leaving past setbacks behind.

Usage: Suitable for situations where there’s a desire to move past obstacles and aim for success.

4. Let’s Roll

Example: “Everything’s in place, let’s roll!”

Meaning: A colloquial expression that embodies a sense of readiness and eagerness. It’s like a call to arms, signaling that everything is set and it’s time to move.

Usage: Common in informal settings, especially when there’s a sense of excitement or anticipation.

5. Time to Shine

Example: “This is our moment, time to shine!”

Meaning: This phrase is all about seizing the moment and showcasing one’s abilities. It’s a call to step into the spotlight and demonstrate one’s potential.

Usage: Ideal for situations where there’s a chance to impress or make a significant impact.

6. Let’s Dive In

Example: “The data is ready, let’s dive in and analyze it.”

Meaning: This expression encourages full immersion into a task. It’s about diving deep, getting hands-on, and fully engaging with the matter at hand.

Usage: Suitable for situations requiring focus and deep involvement.

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7. Ready, Set, Go

Example: Ready, set, go! The race has begun.”

Meaning: This sequence is all about preparation, anticipation, and action. It’s a build-up that culminates in the start of something, often used in competitive scenarios.

Usage: Commonly used in sporting events or competitive scenarios.

8. Let’s Make It Happen

Example: “We have the resources and the team. Let’s make it happen!”

Meaning: A declaration of intent and determination. It’s about harnessing resources, energy, and willpower to achieve a specific goal.

Usage: Ideal for motivating a group towards a shared objective.

9. Let’s Jump In

Example: “The water’s fine, let’s jump in!”

Meaning: This phrase encourages taking a bold step, often without overthinking. It’s about embracing the unknown and taking risks.

Usage: Suitable for situations that require immediate action or a leap of faith.

10. Time to Get Moving

Example: “The clock is ticking, time to get moving.”

Meaning: This phrase emphasizes the essence of time and the need for swift action. It’s a reminder that delays could lead to missed opportunities.

Usage: Used when there’s a sense of urgency or a tight deadline.

11. Let’s Kick It Off

Example: “The audience is waiting, let’s kick it off with a bang!”

Meaning: This phrase is about initiating something with enthusiasm and energy. It suggests starting on a high note, ensuring a memorable beginning.

Usage: Ideal for initiating events or activities with energy and excitement.

12. Let’s Hit the Ground Running

Example: “We don’t have time to waste, let’s hit the ground running.”

Meaning: This expression emphasizes starting something with full momentum, without any initial hesitations or delays. It’s about maximizing efficiency from the get-go.

Usage: Suitable for scenarios where there’s a need to begin with maximum effort and efficiency.

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When to Use Different Expressions of “Let’s Do This”

The expression “Let’s do this” and its alternatives are versatile, but the impact of these phrases can vary based on the context in which they’re used. Here’s a guide on when to use different expressions of “Let’s do this”:

Casual Settings

In relaxed conversations among friends, family, or peers, using informal and energetic expressions can add a touch of enthusiasm. Phrases like “Here we go,” “Let’s roll,” and “Time to shine” resonate well in these settings, adding a sense of camaraderie and shared excitement.

Formal Settings

In professional environments such as business meetings, corporate events, or official gatherings, it’s essential to maintain a tone of seriousness while motivating the team. Expressions like “Let’s get started,” “Onward and upward,” and “Let’s make it happen” strike a balance between motivation and professionalism, making them apt for such scenarios.

Academic or Professional Settings

When addressing students, researchers, or professionals about to embark on a significant project or challenge, it’s crucial to instill confidence and determination. Phrases like “Let’s dive in,” “Time to get moving,” and “Let’s hit the ground running” convey a sense of urgency and commitment, making them suitable for academic or professional contexts.

Sports and Competition

In the realm of sports, athletics, or any competitive environment, the emphasis is on energy, determination, and the spirit of the game. Expressions like “Ready, set, go,” “Let’s kick it off,” and “Let’s jump in” carry the vibrancy and dynamism needed to motivate participants before a big game or event.


The phrase “let’s do this” and its many variations serve as powerful motivators in the English language. They ignite passion, instill confidence, and unite people toward a common goal. Whether you’re leading a team, embarking on a personal journey, or just trying to motivate yourself, these phrases offer the perfect words to get things moving.

So the next time you’re looking for other ways to say “Let’s do this,” you’ll have plenty of options at your disposal.

For more insights on the power of effective communication and the nuances of language in different contexts, check out this comprehensive guide on effective communication.


  1. What does “let’s do this” mean? “Let’s do this” is a motivational phrase used to express determination and readiness to start an activity or task.
  2. Is “let’s do this” formal or informal? “Let’s do this” is generally considered informal and is often used in casual conversations, pep talks, or team huddles.
  3. Can “let’s do this” be used in a business setting? Yes, while it’s informal, it can be used in business settings, especially in team meetings or brainstorming sessions to motivate and energize the group.
  4. Are there any synonyms for “let’s do this”? Yes, some synonyms include “let’s get started,” “here we go,” “let’s roll,” and “time to shine,” among others.
  5. Why is it important to have different ways to express motivation? Having a variety of expressions allows for versatility in communication, catering to different audiences, moods, and situations. Different phrases can evoke different levels of enthusiasm and commitment.
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