19 Other Ways to Say “Not Looking Forward To”

Other Ways to Say Not Looking Forward To

The phrase “not looking forward to” expresses a sense of dread, reluctance, or lack of enthusiasm about a future event or situation.

This expression, while clear and widely understood, can be expressed through various alternative phrases, each bringing its own unique connotation and subtlety.

This article delves into these alternatives, broadening your vocabulary and offering you new ways to express your feelings about upcoming events that you might not be eagerly anticipating.

Other Ways to Say “Not Looking Forward To”

1. Really Not Keen On

Example: “I’m really not keen on attending that early morning meeting.”

Meaning: This phrase indicates a strong resistance or aversion to something. It’s often used when the speaker wants to avoid an activity or event due to personal preferences or negative past experiences.

Usage: Ideal for a casual chat where you want to convey your reluctance without being too formal. It’s straightforward yet polite enough to use in a variety of informal settings.

2. Not My Idea of Fun

Example: “Going to the dentist is not my idea of fun.”

Meaning: This colloquial expression humorously underlines that the activity in question is far from what one would consider enjoyable. It often implies that while others might find it enjoyable, it’s not something that aligns with the speaker’s idea of a good time.

Usage: A light-hearted way to express dread or disinterest, often used among friends.

3. Could Do Without It

Example: “I could do without the long commute on Mondays.”

Meaning: This phrase conveys a sense of indifference or mild annoyance towards something. It implies that if the speaker had a choice, they would opt out of the activity or event, suggesting it’s more of a nuisance than a pleasure.

Usage: Casual and mildly humorous, this phrase fits well in everyday conversation.

4. Doesn’t Excite Me Much

Example: “The company team-building retreat doesn’t excite me much.”

Meaning: This understated expression communicates a low level of interest or enthusiasm. It’s a diplomatic way of saying that something fails to stir any sense of excitement or eagerness in the speaker.

Usage: Useful for expressing a lack of interest in a subdued and unoffensive manner.

5. Not Wild About It

Example: “I’m not wild about the idea of camping in the rain.”

Meaning: This phrase indicates a distinct lack of enthusiasm or interest. It’s a way of saying that something does not excite or engage the speaker, often implying a preference for other activities or situations.

Usage: Perfect for informal situations where you want to express your feelings openly.

6. Kind of Dreading

Example: “I’m kind of dreading the family reunion next weekend.”

Meaning: This expression conveys a sense of apprehension or fear about an upcoming event or activity. It suggests that the thought of it is causing some level of anxiety or unease, albeit not overwhelmingly so.

Usage: Suitable for when you want to express your reluctance without too much intensity.

7. Not Pumped About

Example: “I’m not pumped about working overtime this week.”

Meaning: A modern, casual expression that communicates a lack of excitement or enthusiasm. It’s often used to convey a feeling of indifference or a lack of motivation about an upcoming event or activity.

Usage: A more modern, informal expression often used among younger individuals or in relaxed environments.

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8. Wish I Could Skip It

Example: “I wish I could skip the annual company dinner.”

Meaning: This direct phrase communicates a strong desire to avoid an upcoming event or activity. It’s a candid admission that if given the choice, the speaker would prefer not to participate.

Usage: Great for honest conversations where you can express your true feelings without reservation.

9. Dragging My Feet About

Example: “I’m dragging my feet about starting the new fitness program.”

Meaning: This idiom paints a vivid picture of reluctance and slow progress. It suggests that the speaker is hesitant to start or engage in an activity, often due to a lack of enthusiasm or motivation.

Usage: A vivid, informal expression that is visually descriptive of one’s reluctance.

10. Not Exactly Jumping for Joy

Example: “I’m not exactly jumping for joy at the thought of extra homework.”

Meaning: A sarcastic and humorous way to express that something is not exciting or appealing. This phrase often implies that the speaker is feeling quite the opposite of joy or excitement about the prospect.

Usage: Works well in casual, light-hearted conversations to inject humor into your reluctance.

11. Not Exactly Enthusiastic About

Example: “I’m not exactly enthusiastic about the team-building exercises.”

Meaning: This phrase conveys a lukewarm or indifferent attitude toward something. It’s a subtle way of saying that the activity or event in question doesn’t spark much interest or excitement in the speaker.

Usage: Useful in both personal and professional contexts to politely express disinterest.

12. Less Than Thrilled

Example: “I’m less than thrilled about the upcoming dental appointment.”

Meaning: Implies a level of disappointment or lack of excitement. This expression is often used to diplomatically indicate that the speaker is not particularly happy or enthusiastic about the upcoming event or situation.

Usage: It’s a subtle and polite expression, suitable for both casual and formal settings.

13. Not Eagerly Anticipating

Example: “I’m not eagerly anticipating the budget meeting.”

Meaning: This phrase explicitly communicates a lack of excitement or positive anticipation about an upcoming event or activity. It suggests that the speaker is not looking forward to it with any sense of eagerness or enthusiasm.

Usage: Ideal for professional settings where a more formal expression of reluctance is needed.

14. Not Thrilled At The Prospect Of

Example: “I’m not thrilled at the prospect of working this weekend.”

Meaning: Expresses a clear lack of enthusiasm or pleasure about an upcoming event or situation. This phrase often conveys a sense of resignation or acceptance, albeit without any excitement.

Usage: A polite yet straightforward way to express reluctance, suitable for professional environments.

15. Somewhat Reluctant To

Example: “I’m somewhat reluctant to volunteer for the extra shift.”

Meaning: Indicates hesitation or a mild unwillingness to engage in a particular activity. This phrase suggests that while not entirely against the idea, the speaker is not fully on board with it either.

Usage: This is a moderate way to express your hesitation, applicable in both formal and informal situations.

16. Not Exactly My Cup of Tea

Example: “A camping trip in the rain is not exactly my cup of tea.”

Meaning: A colloquial way to express that something is not to one’s liking or preference. This idiom suggests that while the activity or event might be enjoyable for others, it doesn’t align with the speaker’s personal preferences.

Usage: Best used in informal and friendly conversations.

17. Hardly Excited About

Example: “I’m hardly excited about the team restructuring.”

Meaning: Clearly communicates a lack of enthusiasm. It’s a way of saying that the speaker is not feeling particularly motivated or thrilled about an upcoming event or activity.

Usage: Ideal for situations where you want to make your lack of excitement or positivity clear.

18. Resigned To

Example: “I’m resigned to attending the conference.”

Meaning: Suggests acceptance of an unavoidable event without enthusiasm. This expression often conveys a sense of acquiescence to something inevitable, albeit done so without any real happiness or excitement.

Usage: This expression is often used in situations where one has no choice but to accept and attend something.

19. Not Inclined To Look Forward To

Example: “I’m not inclined to look forward to the annual performance review.”

Meaning: A formal way of saying that one does not feel positively about an upcoming event. It suggests a lack of enthusiasm or interest in what lies ahead.

Usage: Suitable in formal or professional situations where one wishes to express their feelings diplomatically.

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When to use different “Not Looking Forward To” alternatives

In Professional or Formal Contexts:

In professional or formal environments, opting for expressions like “not exactly enthusiastic about,” “apprehensive about,” or “not inclined to look forward to” is advisable, as these convey your sentiments in a reserved yet respectful manner. They are especially useful when you’re aiming to maintain a professional tone while expressing hesitation or a lack of interest.

In Casual or Informal Situations:

in more casual or informal settings, phrases such as “not exactly my cup of tea,” “less than thrilled,” or “dreading it” are more fitting. These expressions lend themselves to a relaxed and personal articulation of your feelings, making them ideal for conversations with friends or in less formal situations.

For Neutral or Subdued Expression:

For a more neutral or understated expression of your feelings, utilizing phrases like “not filled with anticipation” or “hardly excited about” can accurately portray your lack of enthusiasm without undue emotional emphasis or drama.


In conclusion, this collection of phrases offers a rich vocabulary for expressing a lack of enthusiasm or reluctance towards upcoming events in various contexts.

From the casual “Not My Idea of Fun” to the formal “Not Inclined To Look Forward To,” each expression provides a nuanced way to convey feelings without being too direct or harsh.

Whether in a professional setting or a more relaxed environment, these alternatives to “not looking forward to” enable clear, respectful, and situation-appropriate communication.

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