12 Other Ways to Say “Safe Travels”

Other Ways to Say Safe Travels

The phrase “safe travels” is a common expression used to wish someone a safe and uneventful journey. It conveys a sentiment of care and concern for the traveler’s well-being.

This article explores alternative ways to express your good wishes for someone’s journey, each with it’s own unique meaning and context.

Other Ways to Say “Safe Travels”

1. Bon Voyage

Example: “Bon voyage! May your journey be as splendid as your destination.”

Meaning: A French phrase that has been adopted into English, it carries an elegant and worldly flair. It not only wishes safe travel but also implies a wish for an enjoyable and exciting journey.

Usage: Ideal for formal or ceremonious farewells or when wishing someone well on an international trip.

2. Have a Good Trip

Example: Have a good trip! I look forward to hearing about your adventures.”

Meaning: A straightforward, friendly wish for a pleasant journey. It’s a versatile phrase that can be used in both casual and semi-formal situations.

Usage: Suitable for casual or informal settings, like saying goodbye to a friend or colleague.

3. Travel Safely

Example: Travel safely, and keep in touch.”

Meaning: Emphasizes the aspect of safety on the trip, showing a deeper concern for the well-being of the traveler.

Usage: Best used when expressing genuine concern for someone’s safety during their travels.

4. Journey Well

Example: Journey well and soak in every moment of your experience.”

Meaning: Conveys a wish for a profound and enriching travel experience, suggesting a journey that is both safe and transformative.

Usage: Great for heartfelt goodbyes, especially to someone embarking on a significant or long journey.

5. Godspeed

Example: Godspeed on your voyage across the seas.”

Meaning: An old-fashioned, somewhat formal blessing that conveys a wish for success and safety. It carries a historical and sometimes spiritual connotation.

Usage: Appropriate in formal contexts or when wishing someone well on a particularly important or daunting journey.

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6. Smooth Sailing

Example: “Wishing you smooth sailing on your cruise around the Caribbean.”

Meaning: Originally nautical, it’s now a metaphor for wishing an easy, trouble-free journey. It’s often used when wishing someone well in endeavors beyond travel.

Usage: Useful in both travel and general life contexts, especially when wishing someone an easy journey or task.

7. Have a Safe Journey

Example: Have a safe journey, and remember to take lots of pictures!”

Meaning: A direct and warm wish for safety during travel, often used in a caring and casual context.

Usage: Perfect for casual farewells, emphasizing safety in a warm, caring manner.

8. Farewell and Travel Well

Example: Farewell, and travel well. May your path be free of obstacles.”

Meaning: A poetic and heartfelt goodbye, combining wishes for a safe and fulfilling journey. It adds a touch of elegance to the farewell.

Usage: Suitable for poetic or heartfelt goodbyes, adding a touch of elegance to the farewell.

9. May Your Road Be Smooth

Example: “As you venture to new lands, may your road be smooth.”

Meaning: Wishes for an uncomplicated and pleasant journey, often implying a hope for fewer difficulties or challenges along the way.

Usage: Ideal for expressing a wish for an easy, untroubled journey, often in a thoughtful or reflective manner.

10. Safe Journey

Example: Safe journey! Call me when you arrive.”

Meaning: A succinct, caring expression focusing on the safety of the traveler, suitable for both personal and formal contexts.

Usage: A versatile phrase, fitting for both personal and professional contexts.

11. Happy Travels

Example: Happy travels! Enjoy every new discovery.”

Meaning: Emphasizes the joy and excitement of travel, focusing on the positive and adventurous aspects of the journey.

Usage: Great for informal and cheerful goodbyes, especially when emphasizing the enjoyment of the trip.

12. May the Road Rise Up to Meet You

Example: May the road rise up to meet you on your journey to Scotland.”

Meaning: An Irish blessing, this phrase is poetic and imbued with a sense of goodwill and fortune for the traveler’s journey.

Usage: Perfect for meaningful or spiritual farewells, often used in significant or life-changing journeys.

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When to Use Different “Safe Travels” Alternatives

The choice of which expression to use in place of “safe travels” depends on the context, your relationship with the traveler, and the tone you wish to convey:

For Casual Farewells:

Phrases like “Have a Good Trip” or “Happy Travels” are ideal for light-hearted and informal goodbyes, such as seeing off a friend or a colleague on a short trip or vacation. They add a touch of warmth without being overly formal.

For Emphasizing Safety:

“Travel Safely” or “Have a Safe Journey” are poignant choices when the safety of the traveler is your primary concern. These expressions are fitting when addressing loved ones or when there are known risks associated with the journey.

For Formal or Traditional Goodbyes:

In more formal or ceremonious settings, such as a colleague embarking on a long business trip or someone going on a significant journey, phrases like “Bon Voyage,” “Godspeed,” or “Farewell and Travel Well” lend a sense of gravity and tradition to your farewell.

For Poetic or Heartfelt Wishes:

To convey deeper emotions or when bidding farewell in a more reflective or significant context, expressions like “May the Road Rise Up to Meet You” or “Journey Well” can capture the depth of your sentiment, often imbued with a sense of care, wisdom, and well-wishing.


In conclusion, the phrase “safe travels” is a polite and caring way to wish someone well on their journey.

Alternatives like “Be safe,” “Safe trip,” and “Have a good flight” are straightforward yet thoughtful ways to express your concern for someone’s safety. More unique phrases like “Happy landings,” “See you on the other side,” and “Stay safe out there” add variety and personality to your well-wishes.

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