15 Other Ways to Say “That’s Cool”

Other Ways to Say That's Cool

“That’s cool” is such a generic phrase that people say when they want show they like something. You can use to say your friend their art is fantastic or their new business idea is brilliant.

But there are many other ways you can say the same thing that add more flavor. This article shows a whole bunch of alternatives.

Other Ways to Say “That’s Cool”

1. Awesome

Example: “Your new bike looks awesome!”

Meaning: Expresses a high level of excitement or admiration, usually for something impressive or outstanding.

Usage: Ideal for casual conversations when you want to show strong enthusiasm.

2. Impressive

Example: “Your presentation was really impressive.

Meaning: Indicates that something has made a significant positive impact due to its quality or achievement.

Usage: Suitable in both casual and professional settings to acknowledge someone’s skills or accomplishments.

3. Neat

Example: “That’s a neat idea for organizing our project.”

Meaning: A simpler and more understated way of expressing that something is orderly, clever, or appealing.

Usage: Commonly used for modestly impressive things or ideas.

4. Fascinating

Example: “The way you solved that problem was fascinating.”

Meaning: Shows a deeper level of interest and intrigue, often used for something intellectually stimulating.

Usage: Best when you want to convey that something is not only cool but also intellectually engaging.

5. Spectacular

Example: “The view from the top of the mountain is spectacular.”

Meaning: Indicates that something is visually stunning or extraordinary in nature.

Usage: Suitable for situations where something is visually impressive or grand.

6. Remarkable

Example: “Her ability to play the piano is quite remarkable.”

Meaning: Suggests that something is worthy of attention or notable.

Usage: A more formal or sophisticated way to say that something is cool.

7. Stunning

Example: “The design of the building is absolutely stunning.”

Meaning: Implies that something is strikingly impressive, often in a beautiful way.

Usage: Great for situations where aesthetics play a significant role.

building with interesting design

8. Groovy

Example: “That new jazz club is really groovy.”

Meaning: A fun, retro way to express that something is cool or excellent.

Usage: Best used in informal, light-hearted conversations, especially for a retro vibe.

9. Wicked

Example: “Your skateboarding skills are wicked!”

Meaning: A slang term, particularly in British English, for something exciting or excellent.

Usage: Common in informal contexts, often among younger speakers.

10. Trendy

Example: “Your fashion sense is always so trendy.”

Meaning: Indicates something is fashionable or in vogue.

Usage: Ideal for discussing fashion, technology, or social trends.

11. Chic

Example: “Your new haircut is really chic.”

Meaning: Denotes stylishness and sophistication, often in the context of fashion or design.

Usage: Often used to describe something cool that is also stylish and modern.

12. Hip

Example: “That café you recommended is really hip.”

Meaning: Suggests that something is very fashionable and in tune with contemporary trends.

Usage: Ideal for describing places, ideas, or trends that are popular and contemporary.

13. Radical

Example: “The new skateboard park they built in town is absolutely radical; it has some of the best ramps I’ve ever seen.”

Meaning: A slang term that expresses admiration, particularly for something impressive or innovative. Often associated with enthusiasm for extreme sports or subcultures.

Usage: Suitable in casual conversations, especially among younger people or within communities that appreciate extreme sports, urban culture, or innovative ideas.

14. Bang-up Job

Example: “You did a bang-up job organizing the charity event; everything went smoothly and the guests were very impressed.”

Meaning: A phrase that commends an exceptionally well-done task or achievement.

Usage: Often used in informal settings or in a workplace environment to praise someone’s exceptional effort or achievement in a task or project.

15. Top-Notch

Example: “The performance by the orchestra was top-notch; each note was played to perfection.”

Meaning: Describes something of the highest quality or excellence.

Usage: Applicable in both formal and informal contexts where high-quality or excellence needs to be emphasized, such as in customer feedback, reviews, or personal commendations.

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When to Use Different “That’s Cool” Alternatives

For General Admiration:

“Awesome,” “Impressive,” and “Neat” are versatile for expressing general admiration in various settings, be it casual conversations or informal gatherings. They are suitable when you want to express approval or pleasure in a straightforward, uncomplicated manner.

For Intellectual or Visual Appeal:

“Fascinating” is perfect for situations where something intellectually stimulates you, such as a thought-provoking book or a scientific discovery. “Spectacular,” on the other hand, is great for emphasizing the visual or aesthetic grandeur of something, like a breathtaking view or an artistic masterpiece.

For Trendiness or Style:

Use “Trendy,” “Chic,” or “Hip” in contexts related to fashion, design, or contemporary trends. These terms are particularly relevant in conversations about the latest styles, cool gadgets, or modern lifestyle choices.

For Retro or Playful Settings:

“Groovy” and “Wicked” add a fun, vintage feel to your expression. They’re perfect for situations where you’re referring to something nostalgic or when you’re in a light-hearted, playful environment.

In Formal or Sophisticated Contexts:

“Remarkable” and “Stunning” are more sophisticated alternatives for formal or professional situations. These words can be used to express admiration in a more refined and polished manner, suitable for artistic critiques, professional feedback, or high-end experiences.


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