15 Other Ways to Say “Work On”

Other Ways to Say Work On

Think of all the times you might need to express your intentions to “work on” something, whether it’s a project, a personal goal, or a skill you want to improve.

Naturally, you would want to communicate your determination to put effort into achieving your objectives.

While the phrase “work on” is a straightforward way to convey your commitment, English offers numerous alternatives to make your intentions more engaging and dynamic.

Using these synonyms for “work on” will help you express your dedication and enthusiasm effectively.

In this article, we’ll explore other ways to express the idea of “working on” something in English using positive and motivating words. Let’s dive in!

Synonyms for “Work On”

Expressions of Dedication

1. Devote effort to

Example: I plan to devote effort to improving my writing skills.

Meaning: This phrase emphasizes a sincere commitment and dedication to the task at hand.

2. Commit To

Example: I’m ready to commit to becoming a better musician.

Meaning: To “commit to” something implies a strong determination and dedication to achieving a particular goal or objective.

3. Engage In

Example: I want to engage in more community service projects.

Meaning: “Engage in” suggests actively participating in an activity or process, showing your willingness to be involved.

4. Dedicate Myself To

Example: I’ve decided to dedicate myself to mastering this new language.

Meaning: To “dedicate oneself to” something signifies a deep, unwavering commitment and focus on a specific pursuit.

5. Work Diligently On

Example: I’ll work diligently on this project to ensure its success.

Meaning: “Working diligently on” implies a high level of effort, attention, and persistence in achieving your goals.

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Expressions of Determination

6. Strive For

Example: I will strive for excellence in my academic pursuits.

Meaning: To “strive for” something means to make continuous and relentless efforts to attain it.

7. Push Towards

Example: I’m determined to push towards achieving my fitness goals.

Meaning: “Pushing towards” implies a strong determination to reach a specific objective, often in the face of challenges.

8. Foster

Example: I aim to foster creativity in my daily work.

Meaning: To “foster” something means to promote and nurture it, showing your commitment to its growth.

9. Aim To Improve

Example: I always aim to improve my problem-solving skills.

Meaning: Expressing your intent to “aim to improve” signifies a continuous focus on enhancing your abilities.

10. Work Persistently On

Example: I’ll work persistently on developing my leadership skills.

Meaning: “Working persistently on” emphasizes your dedication and unwavering commitment to a specific area of growth.

Expressions of Ambition

11. Aspire To

Example: I aspire to become a successful entrepreneur.

Meaning: To “aspire to” something indicates a strong desire and ambition to achieve a particular goal or status.

12. Reach For

Example: I’m ready to reach for the stars and pursue my dreams.

Meaning: “Reaching for” something symbolizes setting high aspirations and striving to achieve them.

13. Chase After

Example: I won’t stop chasing after my career goals.

Meaning: To “chase after” implies a determined pursuit of a goal, often with enthusiasm and dedication.

14. Hunger For

Example: I hunger for knowledge and continuous learning.

Meaning: “Hungering for” something expresses an intense desire and eagerness to acquire it.

15. Yearn To

Example: I yearn to become a skilled musician someday.

Meaning: To “yearn to” something conveys a deep and heartfelt longing or desire to achieve it.

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Which Alternative to Choose?

Selecting the most appropriate synonym for “work on” depends on the context and the level of commitment you wish to convey. Here are some guidelines for when to use different expressions:

  1. Formal or Professional Settings: In formal or professional contexts, expressions like “commit to,” “engage in,” or “dedicate myself to” are suitable as they convey a high level of dedication and seriousness.
  2. Casual Conversations: When speaking informally with friends or family, you can opt for more relaxed expressions like “strive for,” “push towards,” or “aim to improve” to convey your intentions in a friendly manner.
  3. Expressing Ambition: If you want to emphasize your ambition and determination, expressions like “aspire to,” “reach for,” or “chase after” are appropriate, particularly when discussing long-term goals and dreams.
  4. Highlighting Continuous Effort: To emphasize your ongoing commitment and persistence, phrases like “work diligently on” and “work persistently on” work well.


In conclusion, while the phrase “work on” is a straightforward way to express your commitment to a task, using synonyms can add depth and enthusiasm to your intentions.

For specific information on synonyms and alternative phrases, you can visit Thesaurus.com, which offers a wide range of synonyms and related words that could be used as alternatives to “work on.”

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