15 Other Ways to Say “Let’s Keep in Touch”

Other Ways to Say Let's Keep in Touch

In the intricate world of communication, the phrase “let’s keep in touch” plays a pivotal role in maintaining connections across personal and professional spheres.

These alternative expressions to “let’s keep in touch” can add a fresh layer of sincerity, warmth, and enthusiasm to our promises of staying connected.

Other Ways to Say “Let’s Keep in Touch”

Connection Continuers

This theme encompasses expressions that encourage keeping an open line of communication, perfect for sustaining the flow of information and updates between parties.

1. Don’t be a stranger

Example: “It was great seeing you again, don’t be a stranger.

Meaning: This casual and friendly phrase encourages the other person not to let too much time pass before reaching out or meeting up again.

Usage: Perfect for informal settings or with people you have a relaxed rapport with.

2. Hope our paths cross again soon

Example: “I’ve really enjoyed our collaboration, and I hope our paths cross again soon.”

Meaning: This expresses a wish for future encounters or collaborations, emphasizing the value you place on the relationship.

Usage: Ideal for professional contexts or when parting ways with someone you hope to meet again in the future.

3. Keep the line open

Example: “I’ve appreciated our discussion, let’s keep the line open for more in the future.”

Meaning: Suggests maintaining an open channel of communication, ready for further interactions whenever necessary.

Usage: Great for professional settings or new acquaintances where ongoing communication is anticipated.

4. Until next time

Example: “Had a wonderful time, until next time.”

Meaning: Implies an expectation of future meetings, with a casual tone that assumes another encounter.

Usage: Best for casual meetups or with friends and family, hinting at a goodbye that’s not final.

5. Reach out anytime

Example: “It was great to catch up, feel free to reach out anytime.”

Meaning: Offers openness for the other person to initiate contact at their convenience, indicating availability.

Usage: Suitable for both personal and professional relationships, emphasizing a welcoming stance towards future communication.

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Future Engagement Encouragers

Expressions under this theme are designed to foster anticipation for future interactions, planning ahead to ensure that the relationship continues to grow.

6. Looking forward to our next chat

Example: “I’m looking forward to our next chat, let’s not wait too long.”

Meaning: Signals anticipation for future conversations, suggesting an eagerness to continue the dialogue.

Usage: Suitable for both personal and professional relationships where ongoing communication is expected.

7. Let’s make a point to reconnect

Example: “It’s been too long, let’s make a point to reconnect.”

Meaning: A more proactive stance on keeping in touch, indicating a commitment to initiate future contact.

Usage: Works well when you want to emphasize the importance of actively maintaining the connection.

8. Anticipating our next conversation

Example: “This project is exciting, I’m anticipating our next conversation!”

Meaning: Shows enthusiasm for continuing the dialogue, suggesting positive expectations for future discussions.

Usage: Effective in professional collaborations or when brainstorming ideas that require ongoing discussion.

9. Let’s plan our next catch-up

Example: “Let’s not leave it to chance, let’s plan our next catch-up.”

Meaning: Proposes scheduling a future meeting, reflecting an intent to ensure the connection continues.

Usage: Appropriate for friends and colleagues alike, especially when previous meetings have been infrequent or spontaneous.

10. Eager to see where we go from here

Example: “With so many great ideas exchanged, I’m eager to see where we go from here.”

Meaning: Expresses excitement for future developments or outcomes resulting from the current interaction.

Usage: Ideal for concluding productive meetings or brainstorming sessions, whether in personal or professional contexts.

Commitment to Connect

This theme includes phrases that underscore a commitment to not just maintaining, but actively nurturing a connection.

11. I’ll reach out soon

Example: “Take care, and I’ll reach out soon.”

Meaning: Offers a clear indication of your intention to initiate future communication, providing reassurance of continued contact.

Usage: Best used when you want to take responsibility for following up after a meeting or conversation.

12. Stay in the loop

Example: “Let’s stay in the loop with each other’s projects.”

Meaning: Encourages ongoing sharing of information or updates, fostering a sense of mutual engagement.

Usage: Ideal for colleagues or collaborators who wish to stay informed about each other’s work or life events.

13. Count on a call from me

Example: “Enjoyed our discussion today, count on a call from me soon.”

Meaning: Assures the other person that you will take the initiative to continue the conversation.

Usage: Best when you want to demonstrate commitment to follow up on a discussion or meeting.

14. Let’s not lose touch

Example: “We’ve shared some great ideas, let’s not lose touch.”

Meaning: A gentle reminder of the value of the connection and the desire to maintain it over time.

Usage: Suitable for ending meetings with new acquaintances or colleagues, where the relationship is valued and continued contact is desired.

15. Awaiting our next adventure

Example: “This trip was amazing, awaiting our next adventure together.”

Meaning: Looks forward to future shared experiences or endeavors with enthusiasm and a sense of partnership.

Usage: Perfect for personal relationships, particularly with friends or family members with whom you share activities or projects.

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When to Use Different “Let’s Keep in TouchExpressions

Here’s a practical guide to help you select the right expression:

Casual Encounters with Friends and Family

In informal settings, where the tone is light and friendly, opt for expressions that evoke warmth and a personal touch. Phrases like “Let’s not lose the thread” or “Keep me posted on your adventures” work well to convey a laid-back yet genuine interest in staying in touch.

Professional Contexts

Within a business or professional environment, where the emphasis is on maintaining a network or collaborative opportunities, it’s crucial to use expressions that balance professionalism with the intent to reconnect. “Looking forward to our next collaboration” or “Let’s ensure we stay on each other’s radar” are perfect for signaling an ongoing professional relationship and open lines of communication.

After Significant Meetings or Networking Events

When you’ve connected with someone in a context that could lead to future opportunities, such as a conference or networking event, choosing expressions that signal a mutual interest in future engagements is key. Phrases like “Eager to explore future endeavors together” or “Anticipating our next interaction” subtly suggest that you see potential in this relationship moving forward.


Remember, the essence of saying “let’s keep in touch” goes beyond mere words; it’s a commitment to nurturing ongoing relationships, sharing life’s journeys, and supporting each other’s growth.

As we traverse the paths of our busy lives, let’s not forget the power of staying connected. For those eager to expand their linguistic arsenal further, websites like Grammarly offer valuable insights into communication nuances, ensuring you always find the right words for every occasion and relationship.

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